Hide and Seek

I know how you hide behind your locked bedroom door,

Desperate to escape what lurks outside.

You can’t run, and so you try to hide.

I know how your thoughts devour you,

How you crouch against the wall, clutching your knees.

How it hurts to exist, how it aches to breathe.

I know how you cry, copiously yet

Silently. You do not wish to be heard,

Unable to go outside, spread your wings and fly,

Into the sky that over time, you have grown to despise, like a caged bird

Without its song,

But I still hear the words.

You weep until your pain is superseded by a greater force-


And yet you starve yourself,

With the intent to become so thin, you disappear.

But I still see you.

Though your eyes remain unseen beneath that wisp of hair,

And an oversized hoodie cloaks your beauty like a second skin,

Draped over your bones, nothing can conceal what lies within,

So allow me to clarify just one thing:

You can hide from the universe, but you cannot hide from me.

Please don’t fear- please know I’m here.

I know that you are not just skin and bones,

And that sticks and stones

Are not the only things that can hurt you.

I know how you cannot face your fears because your fears exist on your very own face,

You spend hours hating your own reflection,

But when I see you, I see only perfection.

I see more than a mirror ever will,

And I will never stop trying to find you until,

You open your door.

I wish to explore your world and every inch of your magnificent mind-

Please come out, and let me in.

© Sadia Ahmed 2015

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