I’ll Show You What A Girl Is

Being a teenager from this generation, I absolutely love movies and TV shows created by Disney, with valid reason: 

Disney is certainly keeping with the times. Disney princesses can fend for themselves; they are handy with weapons, save lives and reject cultural norms and expectations. Modern female Disney characters are therefore heroes.

This track by Disney is one I am particularly fond of. It was first introduced during the Disney Channel original series ‘Liv and Maddie’. When boys from the girls’ school begin to rate girls numerically, solely based on outward appearances (thus making the girls feel insecure and unattractive) Liv decides that enough is enough. Granted, the storyline may appear rather puerile, but the underlying message is one all women should cherish: beauty is entirely subjective. It comes in all shapes, sizes, colours and personalities.

On a scale from 1-10, I am perfect like I am.
I don’t need your number, we don’t need your number.
And the stupid magazines, want me to change my everything.
It don’t even matter, they’re not taking my power.
I’m so over all of these voices around; they’ve said enough

It’s my turn- lets get loud.
I’ll show you what a girl is, ’cause all of me is perfect.
Who cares about the dress size?

It’s all about what’s inside.

I’ll stand up now, and won’t back down.
We’re breaking through the surface, to show you what a girl is.

I’m feeling flawless in my skin; your words don’t mean anything.
I’m done wasting my time,

I can make up my own mind.

I’ll show you what a girl is, cause all of me is perfect.
You are exactly what you’re made to be, I swear.
Don’t be afraid just to put yourself out there.

Its pretty clear that you wont see us on the sidelines,
We’re gonna take it over standing like a high-rise.
And if you ever doubt what a girl can do,

Sit back and let us show you,

It’s been really nice to know you.
No doubt, we’re a force that’s undeniable.
Get together we’ll work this house to bring it down on you.
I’ve got a feeling that were gonna be there for you.
Sit back and let us show you ’cause the girls are taking over.

Embrace your own beauty, for you are perfect, and worry not if others cannot see you for who you are. Unrealistic portrayals of beauty in magazines do not determine whether or not you are beautiful. Your self-perception does.


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