I was inspired by…my pencil case… to write this poem; it is both simple and arbitrary, largely due to the fact that I scrawled it into my journal on the bus ride home from school. 

Take this stapler and staple my heart,

Seal the holes where the bullets pierced me,

Don’t let any more

Blood seep through.

Take this stapler and try to mend my wounds,

Success isn’t guaranteed, but I think you’ll agree,

That the illusion of serenity is more serene

than coming to terms with reality.

Take this highlighter and bring it to my cheeks,

Highlight the creases that are formed each time I smile,

Highlight the good things in life:

Highlight me when I am with you,

Highlight the songs we sang, off-key

that night

And erase the rest.

Erase the feelings etched only in pencil,

Erase my fears and insecurities,

Erase them all, and when you are done,

Take this hole-punch and punch a hole in my soul,

Let the darkness drip out,

Now take a pen and draw me a smile,

Never let me be sad again.