Look At Yourself

The mirror is your window into hell,

It is where your darkest dreams and most horrid nightmares become a reality,

You are a beast.

Your eyes are too close together. Your eyebrows are too far apart. Your lips are too thin, your nose is too fat, your hair is too flat and your cheeks look like they are pregnant.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what if there is no beauty there to behold?

Why can’t you look like one of those supermodels with

Hollowed cheeks, a thigh gap, daring eyes, flawless skin and a perfect figure?

This is what the world has come to.

We measure the beauty of a girl by how her body compares to those of airbrushed models or how little space she consumes

But what if I told you that a girl’s beauty is not defined by her ability to apply makeup, or to acquire the ‘perfect lighting’, or to form the perfect pout?

Girls, look at yourselves.

See your beauty without comparison or a compliment or a looking glass.

See your beauty in how a shooting star glides across the night sky, adorned with a billion stars. Even the stars cannot quite compare to your beauty.

See your beauty in how the northern lights dance to the songs of the galaxy,

Or how glorious waterfalls cry tears of elation, how the trees prostrate to the magnificence of themselves and everything around them.

The same divine force that created these is the same force that created you;

You are the universe, epitomised, amplified.

So never shrink yourselves for someone else’s comfort.

You take up space. You are beautiful. You matter.

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