The stars have led us home for centuries,

Governing our lives and evoking fascination and wonder in our eyes.

Man seems to think that he is so powerful, so big, that even the stars look small to him.

Do they glisten for us?

Are they ornamental, like fairy lights,

Aimlessly forming clusters that tell us what tomorrow might have in store for us?

Are they mere tea-light candles whose flames flicker tirelessly in the great garden of this existence?

Welcome to Eden,

Where the skies are always clear

And the stars are near

Enough to distract us, to beautify our skies and capture our lives,

Yet distant enough so as not to burn us.

Welcome to Eden. Now pack your bags and leave.

You were under the impression that the Earth is an apple, weren’t you?

You tried to bite into it with venom lips and jagged teeth.

You left its remains on the floor,

Exposed and disfigured until it turned brown with sorrow

and oxidised with grief.

It’s hard to believe, nowadays, that man used to worship the sun and bow down to the stars.

Now he seems to think that the stars are his servants, and that

They bow down to him.

Sadia Ahmed, 2017



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