Nanu holds the iPad closer to her face,

She smiles as she zooms in to the image before her,

A picture of her on my Instagram account:

She is sitting on the beach, watching the waves dance.


Nature brings my Nanu sheer delight:

She watches the Welsh news only to see the beautiful rivers in the background.

Her favourite TV show is about monkeys,

And you will never see a person smile as much as her

When she is watching documentaries about

Oversized vegetables or the Great Barrier Reef.


Nanu sips tea infused with cardamom.

She thinks I am sleeping, so she throws the blanket over me.

She places her hand on my knee

And tells me tales of her childhood-

How she wore boys’ clothes, and climbed trees, and

Didn’t do anything when her little brother hit her.

Itta farehna, goh boin.


Whenever I go to her house,

She is usually cleaning or praying

Or watching the kids play or watching TV,

But she stops whatever she is doing

Just to make me some chicken curry.

Sadia Ahmed, 2017

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