Ask Sadia: HWSF Experience

Jane Smith asked: Describe your experience so far at HWSF

Dear Jane, 

Many of my former teachers from my secondary school tried to convince me to stay; they told me that moving to a new school for sixth form is unnecessarily stressful and pointless. Looking back, I have no regrets about my making this decision. Although I love routines and familiarity, I also love change and new adventures.

I have been at HWSF for nearly three months now, and already I feel I have developed extensively as a person. At my old school, people rarely formulated their own ideas and opinions. Instead, many of them ‘went with the flow’ and complained incessantly about how much they hated school. At HWSF, however, this is far from the case: the students here are eager to learn, and each new day brings new things to explore and discuss. The diversity is something I particularly like: my new friends belong to different cultures, religions, fandoms and political groups; each person brings something different to the table. I love that my new friends (and this new experience) challenge me: the atmosphere is, undoubtedly, rather competitive, but very friendly and supportive at the same time.

The school is located in Central London, very close to significant historical establishments like the Houses of Parliament, and Westminster Abbey (where we occasionally have assemblies). St. James’ Park is just around the corner, and there are also several cafes dotted around the area. The nature of the school’s location serves as a constant reminder of the school’s slogan: Ambition, Perseverance, and Legacy.

There is a huge emphasis on ‘scholarly behaviour’ and ‘academic promiscuity’. We are encouraged to debate, read, attend lectures, and go above and beyond what the curriculum expects of us. All in all, I am grateful for this new experience, and I am grateful for the joys and challenges that I am being faced with on a daily basis, even if it means that I have to climb up seven flights of stairs in order to reach the canteen…

Sadia Ahmed, 2017

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One thought on “Ask Sadia: HWSF Experience

  1. I’m glad you like it and your experiencing something different. You should always surround yourself with people like that. 🙂


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