You are not

You are not the clothes you choose to wear,

Nor are you all the times that you felt weak.

You are not the side-parting in your raven hair,

Nor are you the single little dimple in your left cheek.


You are not the muscles you do not possess,

Nor are you the job you relentlessly work.

You are utter perfection but I digress,

You are not the places where your darknesses may lurk.


You are not want of designer brands,

Nor are you your desires for freshly plumped lips.

You are not your lazy days and abandoned plans,

Nor are you the curvature of your hips.


You are not a prince, or a princess, or a fairytale:

You are rich and poor, and delicious and stale,

Wonderful and messy and right and wrong,

Beautiful and ugly; weak, indifferent, and strong.


Yes you, with that hair, that nose and those eyes are the epitome

Of all it might take for a human to be, be, be.

Sadia Ahmed, 2019

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