Songs of the Earth

The Earth, much like the rest of the Universe, yearns to tell you about its Creator. The sunlight that manages to shine through cotton curtains; the cockerel that wakes you up for morning prayers. Mountains stand mighty, unbothered, their pinnacles pointing upwards. The Earth is spherical – an oblate spheroid, to be precise – and so whatever points upwards (minarets, mountains, and the like) points outwards. God’s might and majesty is all-encompassing. And the Earth yearns to tell you about its Creator. Bees do their thing; golden liquids are made within their bellies. Fruits in almost every conceivable colour are borne from stalks that, upon first glance, do not look like they could ever produce anything so beautiful and succulent. Symmetry is another thing: how one side mirrors another, upon Divine instruction. Waterfalls fall, as they do; male birds dance to woo their women. There is so much beauty to behold here. Golden spirals: how a tiny snail upon the tip of your finger (and the tips of our fingers are magnificent in their own right) bears a mathematical resemblance to the aerial view of a hurricane; to the perfect arrangement of seeds upon a sunflower. Mother Earth is gorgeous; terrifying. An adornment, in the fruits and the friends and the wondrous cycles and processes she presents before us. A provision – her material capacities are each opportunities for us. Earth worships her Master; her symphonies are in servitude to the One who created her. And Allah (SWT) knows what we love; we have been given the gushing beauty of this Earth. The best of us are promised something even better with what is to come.

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