Know thy Lord

Inspired by this spoken word poem:


Have you ever looked up at the stars and pondered upon how small we are?

And then, have you ever looked at your hands and thought about awesome we are, as beings?

From the macro to the micro, we must know,

That it was He who had fashioned us;

That everything came not from none; no, verily, we all came from One.

And it is He who sustains we –

From the atoms, almost unseen, bouncing around,

To our cells, our consciousness, and everything in between –

Within every single thing it might take for a human to be.


Know thy Lord, and know Him to the best of your ability.

Know Him from every single angle you can; why don’t we begin with some biology:

He put together the very tips of our finger-tips, and made them each distinct,

Made us from water, encased in cells, little spherical miracles that only become life when perfectly linked.


And what about maths? What does a Muslim mathematician know about Him up there?

Golden ratios, finely tuned universe, perfectly designed, but where –

is He?


Well, Physics teaches us that we find ourselves bound by height, width, depth and time –

the four dimensions, 

But Allah created them; is not bound by them, and oh, I should really mention –


For all you English Literature lovers here,

That the Qur’an is a linguistic miracle, and nothing comes even remotely near to it,


And if, like me, you are into Philosophy,

Allah: He is the Unmoved Mover,

Al-Awwal Al-Ākhir – the first and the last –

The ultimate and original source of all that is, and will be,

And all that has ever been,

Lord of the prophets, of the angels, and of the Unseen.

The master, the King, the most high.

Lord of every atom, Lord of the cosmos and the skies,

Lord of her and of him and of you and of I.


So, it is incumbent on us to reflect on the world; to study it and explore it

Though our curiosities will never be satisfied.


But isn’t it amazing – the nature of the human, of the trees, and how the moon controls the tide?

And isn’t it amazing that we are given so many chances, every day, to speak to Him directly?

Call upon Him, sincerely, and He will surely respond.

Ar-Rahman, Ar-Raheem, and in His mercy,

He offers each and every soul the chance to have and to maintain a divine bond.

Sadia Ahmed, 2020

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