Without the feeling of having sufficient, soul-enriching connections, one can be made to feel quite alone in the world. Lost, and confused, and rather like an untethered astronaut, simply floating.

Life is only bearable – and good – when one feels connected. To Allah, and to nature, and to one’s own life, and to the companion travellers that have been gifted to us for this journey (family) and the ones we choose along the way (friends. Just another component of ‘family’, really).

True connection necessitates presence, and authenticity. Presence requires the elimination of distraction, and to feel fully there with the person or thing you seek connection with. And, one must be present in truth. Rather than seeking to impress, by engineering façades and such, one must accept and even celebrate one’s own humanity, as well as that of the other, when it comes to fellow people.

True connection is born out of true presence, and trueness. Everything else is a mere attempt at it. And the general ways of today, they are…ever so distracting. At a time when social media platforms, for example, operate on a promise of ‘connecting’ you to hundreds of people you ‘know’, or have once known, or do not know… why is it that people are feeling more alienated than ever, these days?

Nothing can replace true connectivity. The stuff that we were made for; the stuff we find strength, comfort, goodness, and ourselves, in. And maybe, in the pursuit of the real stuff, one may have to endure an awkward silence or moment of ennui or two. But this is okay: the fruits one can pick at the end are far more beautiful than whatever is loud and distractingly immediate.

I seek a life of such great connection. I will be unsatisfied with anything that is not it. I need to be far more present with whomever or whatever I am with; allow myself to be authentic, too. Because, in being holistically ‘oneself’ when sitting with fellow human beings, I think others feel a bit more empowered in relaxing, and being more ‘themselves’, too.

And then, the beauty of a person’s being is allowed to unfold, like a rose coming into bloom. Why seek to impress, to create barriers, when one can breathe and be true?

Both I and thee: we cannot other than human be. And, necessarily, there are familiar things that one will recognise in every single fellow human being we encounter. Because, irrespective of too-focused-on labels: flags, occupational titles, affectations of ‘class’ and such… you are human just like I am, and it would be a delusional way of thinking, to imagine otherwise. We are both come from the same Source; with eyes as windows to our souls. We both eat, and sleep, and laugh, and sweat, and feel fear, and think, and…

Seek fulfilment. We each – every single one of us – come into the world in the same loud way. We leave in a way that is, by contrast, rather quiet. And, in the meantime, we find, there is all this Time. And, just what to do with it?

Foster good connections, beneficial ones, sunflower ones. We find we are in space, and

there is really nothing else.

Sadia Ahmed J., 2020

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