In T-minus less than a week, I shall turn twenty years old, Insha Allah. That sounds strange. Twenty. And what a fascinating, peculiar, gentle and gruelling decade this one has been – and this life can be – huh?

We tend to analogise it (Dunya life, that is) to journeys – travels, adventures – and to stories, and to a school of sorts. In which lessons are learned; in which we are reminded of certain things; in which we are tested. A journey it is, at its very core. Time is ever a-moving.

A solidified story it will be, for certain, on Yawm-ud-Deen: the Day of Resurrection. A book, handed to us, in either our right, or our left, hands. A day on which we will stand alone; on which truth will make itself known. Deserted by all those whom we had tried to impress, perhaps. Tried to be like; be accepted by. Gone. They, too, were all only human.

Human when sat on the curb of a pavement, hands outstretched, and hungry. Human, too, when sat with kings, around table, luxuries galore, world seemingly at their feet, music playing. We humans are only human, no matter what. Dunya is only Dunya, too.

And: a school. In which you learn your lessons; make your mistakes [and cringe at some of them]. Grow, and have space in which to prove that you have internalised, digested, and embodied, what you have learnt.

Be gentle, oh human being, traversing this Earth. Be gentle with your feet upon the ground, and be strong enough to bear the weights of some heavy things upon your shoulders, too. You

Are heart and mind and soul. And this world is one of ‘plenty’: too much. It can quickly convince us that our masters ought to be such abstract idols as ‘work’ and the economy and consumerism. Where God had once come first, and, in an ancillary manner, goodness between people second: ‘economic’ considerations are what now hold sway, rule over, the hearts of the many. A false god, and yet one whom so many prostrate to; fall for.

The Qur’an, I promise you, holds all of the answers. It informs us about the realities of Dunya; all we must do is pay heed. And you

Must not become so attached to things that may not be good for you.

What has come and gone, has come and gone. We say Alhamdulillah for the good and the bad. What is presently yours is presently yours. And, what will be for you shall indeed be for you. I, however, have been known to become quite attached

To certain people, and to particular places and such. To mere images of them, from the outside, trying to look in

and to those of the past, and of the future. But oh, to just let go. To hold Dunya in my hands, and Deen in my heart; to love whom and what I love, through Truth. To not be afraid. And still, to wonder: what might happen next? To become more gentle, and, in this, to become strong.

Wondrous is the affair of the believer for there is good for him in every matter and this is not the case with anyone except the believer. If he is happy, then he thanks Allah and thus there is good for him, and if he is harmed, then he shows patience and thus there is good for him.

Muhammad (SAW) [Sahih Hadith]



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