Which of His favours will you deny? Videos of the Week

The chaos of a ‘modern’ world that has parted with God. The detrimental impacts it all has on our psyches; on our souls. What we were truly created for. Where is the world headed? Who has the answers? Which of the favours of your Rabb do you deny? [My YouTube homepage – the recommended videos part – is on fire this month! So much wisdom, Subhan Allah]

I speak from no higher place. I am human, and therefore also (oh so) susceptible. To forgetting. That I have no Master but Allah; that whatever is not tethered to Allah is simply vanity. That things fall to dust. That my role model ought to be Muhammad (SAW), my Deen (my way of life) Islam. Not economic ‘productivity’; not the glitter of the life of this world. None of that should govern me. And it is scary. Because when the stuff of delusion is worshipped en masse, by the many, it suddenly becomes a little harder to resist. And it is going to be okay. If you have your Lord, be gentle and be strong; live your life in close circumambulation of Truth, worship of Allah, and not of any false deity. Be it materialism, or economic productivity, or people. No. Worship your Lord who created you; which of His favours do we deny?

“The closest that a person may be to his Lord is when he is prostrating, so say a great deal of du’a in prostration (Sujood).” 

— Muhammad (SAW) [Hadith, Muslim]


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