How Muslim inventors changed the world

This academic year in particular, I have been learning more (that is, both being reminded and discovering much) about the rich history; the complexities concerning, the civilisational interactions between the ‘Muslim’ and ‘Christian’ worlds, as well as about the process of how the ‘Christian world’ gradually morphed to become this ‘post-Christian’ society that we find we are well-acquainted with, today.

The Year Sevens [I find it too strange to say “my” Year Sevens. And, yet, “the” Year Sevens sounds way too detached] are learning about the Crusades, while las Year Eights (and I) are learning about the Renaissance period, comparing it at least a little with the Islamic Golden Age, as well as to this current ongoing ‘Age of Information’.

I came across this article (linked below) which [I use this word quite a lot, but…] really is fascinating stuff. Like about how the word ‘camera’ comes from the Arabic word ‘qamara’. According to the article, ‘qamara’ refers to a dark or private room. But, from what I know at least, the word ‘qamara’ means ‘moon’. I wonder what the link – if there indeed is one – is, there…

!أيضا، أنا أحب القهوة (And… that just about shows the extent of my conversational-Arabic skills)

Qahwa, kahve, caffé, coffee. The world is just too cool, isn’t it? How people discover things; how we move around; how language, among other things, changes over time. Subhan Allah.

With Salaam, Sadia, 2021

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