The Roots of Our Crises — Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

Knowledge; the Muslim world, past and present. The wonders of the world; of the Universe; the signs within your own self, and in animals, and in the alternation between night and day. Hormonal cycles; how our eyes work; how flowers are pollinated. Knowledge is beneficial to us when and while it illuminates: brings us close to Truth.

The above is a really great lecture. It got me thinking more about what the Qur’an tells us. For example, Qur’anic directives to look for the signs of Ar-Rahman: in the birds; in the trees; in how three pounds of flesh (your brain) facilitates, by His Will, an entire inner world: this deep and rich entirety of individual experience, within you.

Allah (SWT) authored the Qur’an; the Universe; fashioned you, too. Each vein upon a leaf; each leg upon an ant; the solar system, in precise motion. Each ridge upon your fingertips. Do you dare doubt that you came from somewhere? A beginning; a Beginner? Dare you doubt that He, for example, created you so gosh-darn beautiful?

And intelligent. And a fundamentally learning creature. Worthy of His Jannah: all you must do is put the work in. Allah ennobled you, child of Ādam. Every eyelash of yours is in perfect place. And how wonderful a thing is it that we have these phenomenal capacities for language?! Through an appreciation of Allah’s creations: this is how we come to greater recognition of Him. Appreciation; betterment. More goodness and humility and Taqwa, Insha Allah, and not less of it. And these, I think, (much in lieu of pride or rivalry or vanity) ought to form the foremost impetus for our pursuits of knowledge.

Jummah Mubarak, my dudes. Remember to read Surah Kahf and make lots of Du’a today, in particular right before Maghrib time…

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