Womanhood is being sacrificed… — Zimarina Sarwar

I have been loving this writer’s articles on Islam21C.

“Altering reality begins with altering language”

Is the lived experience of womanhood so cheap it can be bought by donning a pair of Jimmy Choos? What is more misogynistic than presenting as female by doing nothing more than applying a coat of lip gloss and getting into sheer tights?”

Can a forty-year-old decide she is twenty, and then go on to fortify this ‘self-truth’ by… undergoing cosmetic surgery? Can a white woman get a permanent tan, fill her eyebrows in, and say she is South Asian because “ethnicity is actually a social construct”? Can a man ‘believe’ that he is a werewolf, and go on to make his ‘outer reality’ fit his ‘inner one’, by donning a furry tail and ears? Is speciation a ‘social construct’ too?

[Please don’t cancel me but] I would love to hear your thoughts: hello@sincerelysadia.blog

With Salaam, Sadia, 2021.

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