Inspired by an ‘effortless’ conversation I had with one of the most beautiful human beings alive, over crispy chicken nuggets ❤

Effortless. I quite like the word. I also very much like the concept it seeks to define. As though nothing really needs to be done. Innate knowledge; an intrinsic guiding force of sorts. But actually: it is release. It is peace located in surrender. Exactly what the elements are known to do. Just as fire trails upwards; just as water falls to ocean floor. Air does not sink, and earth sticks together: more and more so, with each fleeting footstep that walks upon it.

I surrender myself to the One who controls these forces. ‘Effortless’, but we put our effort in. And it does not feel particularly arduous – even when it does.

            A beautiful fact: the word for ‘love’ in Arabic – Hubb – shares the same derivative root as the word ‘seed’: Habba. And when you love a person, or a place, or a thing – abstract or quantifiable – or even the work you do. The effort you must put in: to water, and to weed, and to wait. You take care of what you are able to take care of: the work of your hands. Rabbee takes care of their growth; of how and when they come into fruition.

If and when it is right: it will come to you, most… effortlessly.

With Salaam, Sadia, 2021.

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