How I Got My Cat — Saif Ahmed

                                             How I got my cat by Saif Ahmed, age 8. Cat age 1 year.

It all started when my neighbour’s cat had given birth to kittens. When the kittens got old enough our neighbours let the kittens out. Each day the kittens would come to my house. My mum and dad would spend so much money getting the kittens food.

My mum didn’t like cats much but she started to like them because one of the kittens loved me and my mum so much. After a while we wanted to get a cat desperately. Because of this we asked our neighbours if we could get a cat. They said YES! I got super happy. When we got him he ran upstairs and went under the sofa because he’s never been in my house. Days later he got used to the place, we named him Safi.

                                               and That is how I got my cat

                                                                  The End.

The attached picture is the one that Saif chose to go with this article. Please comment below if you liked this!


12 thoughts on “How I Got My Cat — Saif Ahmed

  1. Hmmm is this really the Saif that I know? The one who says nothing when I say hello 😦 just kidding. Masha’Allah Saif! You write so well.
    I enjoyed reading about Safi so much because it reminded me of how I got my cat too. We both love our cats soooo much, and it’s so cool that they’re brothers. Thank you for writing, I hope you write more!!

    Love Tamanna Affa!! Or just Fuldi’s freind haha


  2. This is so cute thank you for writing. There’s honestly nothing better than having a cat in the house , you will be constantly entertained. I love the name saif too!


  3. That was a pleasure to read Saif, Allahuma Bārik at your age I couldn’t write as well as yourself!
    I have a phobia of cats and my family have been persuading me to let them get a kitten. Partly to help get rid of my fear but mainly because they want lots of cuddles haha but my instant response is ‘no way’. Your story has convinced me to give it a second thought so thank you for giving me a different perspective.
    I can already tell you have so much potential, a brainy box like your sister mA. May Allah bless you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jannath! This comment made my day ❤ Jazakillah Khayr sooo much ❤ My brother told me to tell you that he actually used to be allergic to cats and used to sneeze when around them. "But spending time with cats made me stop"


  4. Thank you for sharing your cat story Saif! Looking forward to reading more of your writing, you are an amazing story teller 🙂
    (MashAllah tabarakAllah)

    Your sister has some competition 🤔

    Liked by 2 people

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