How Things Happen.

Recently my friend Aatqa, over FaceTime, told me the story of how a friend of hers met her current husband-to-be. It is an endearing and interesting story, and one that shows me that Allah rewards those who put their trust in Him. You sacrifice: you are returned with better. You exhibit good character, Hayaa’, follow Islamic rules: you win. In Dunya and in Ākhirah. And indeed, the promise of Allah is true.

Boy meets girl. They are family friends. They often go on holidays and such together. They are both religious. The girl feels in her head that perhaps she is a little shy; a little ‘bland’. The boy is known as being very handsome, intelligent, and good in religion and in character; he attends a highly prestigious university.

The boy liked the girl – deeply – all along! He makes plans to go ahead and speak to her father. All along, she had no idea: in her eyes, why would he like her?!

He maintains Hayaa’ (modesty) when it comes to speaking to other women. Others want him, but he only wanted her. He came to her and explained that he wanted to be the first to propose to her, before anybody else did. Currently, they are still maintaining those respectful boundaries prior to the Nikkah. They only communicate via letters; they’re in their official courtship phase. Imagine how much Barakah this marriage will (Insha Allah) come to have. Whew.

I believe it is the case that Allah makes inevitable the best, for whoever exhibits due trust and faith in Him. Who shows this, in their speech and in their actions. And He matches certain hearts and souls, with other hearts and souls, with incomprehensibly


brilliant reason.

Even if you had no idea that it would be him [him?!]; you could not have seen these Divine plans coming.

So: whatever you do, do not compromise on your principles. Ya hear me? Do not.

Allah’s Plans for you are surely, surely better. And Islam will save you from the decaying (though, at times, shiny-seeming) things of this world. Only Islam, and nothing else.

With Salaam, Sadia, 2021.

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