A Good Friend

is not merely circumstantial; is not only bound to talking about one, or maybe three, things. Here one day, and not the next. A good friend stays. And you are human, so things will necessarily fall apart, sometimes. A good friend is a companion-traveller. Helps you unravel problems; helps you mend and embroider things back together again. A good friend is comfortable, honest and open in their humannesses. Why should there be pride, when it comes to matters of friendship? To be loved, and to be loved in truth. You, and all that this means, and them, and all that this means, too.
Encouraging, committed, seeks to understand you. Is not self-absorbed: in a friendship, there are two complete beings. A good friend respects; honours you, in public and in private.
With a good friend, you can do all sorts — errands, adventures. The various parts of life: a good friend will help to colour in beauty, somehow.

Ups, downs, and all the rest of it. We are in crying, heart-yearning need of good friends for this journey.

With Salaam, Sadia, 2021.

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