Climbing Roses


You don’t need for someone to see it, for it to be real. Often, mirages are made,

Upheld only by others’ eyes. Don’t let these things fool you.

And, do try to extinguish any signs of hate, in that heart of yours.

There is no point at all. There is only vanity, and then there is

Truth. Quiet: listen, and learn;

Err, tumble, and get up again. Others’ words are not necessarily gospel truths.

Qur’anic messages, though: undeniable. I quite love the idea of appreciation and

elegance. Graceful wit;

Excellence of manners. Eyes that know how to cry, at all the right – and ‘wrong’ times.

What do we fear, here? Which mirage-like truths do we then try to engineer, here?

Authenticity: I love the word. Courage, including: the courage to be disliked — loathed, even:

If it is for all the Right reasons. Left behind. But your Lord is with you. “In God’s eyes, you are precious” [Hadith].

It feels somewhat messy. The narrative is always there, but how could it ever be so neat? We have only

So much time, here. A life to get through, in the best possible ways. The answers await us, somehow.

And I love it whenever and wherever the stuff that we can easily call Beauty mixes, meshes, with all that stuff that we call Strength.

Reminds me of mountains, and boulders; swords, and the most luscious, resistant, of roses. They might look a little out-of-place. And this is what it is, to find pieces of Jannah-destined beauty, here in the abode whose essence is actually-quite-ugly.

Pick Truth; learn, over and again, to be secure in it. Exhibit due Trust and Faith in it. Beautiful things will be returned to us.

We’re a little scared of the dark, and we know we have to leave what is behind us. And all these fears of ‘not being enough’. Whatever the moment might ask of us.

“As many times as it takes. Until you meet your Lord.” That’s what we’re doing here: biding our time. Until we reach that Inevitable End.

Roses growing, mountain-side, and the warmths of rugged-clay-held cups of chai. And hands to hold, and things to do. Scars to meet, and stars to gaze, in awe at. What weight might other human beings’ words really hold, when Allah’s Words are the Truest, most Final?

Book Recommendation, also, dear readers: ‘Muhammad: His Character and Conduct’, by Adil Salahi

With Salaam, Sadia, 2021.

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