Sweetness to these Middles

Strange. Because you are so far away from me, I find I am not entirely sure, these days. And what is known to fill these gaps? Right now, I have marking to be doing. Age-old ‘mundanity’, but ‘to live some super-human reality here’, ought not be my goal. I think, upon closer view, my eyebrows are somewhat wild: never two perfect lines. Yet, from afar, how neat they could easily look. Why am I talking about eyebrows? I don’t quite know. My thinking faculties may have been affected by this tall mug of green tea. I don’t even like green tea that much, but it seems to have this effect of making me feel like I am ‘detoxing’, somehow.

And sometimes we are afraid to walk outside. ‘What people might think’: let us never confuse this with reality. These two realms are often, quite, worlds apart. It’s okay to seek to bridge them, more, together. Not ‘super-human’ in any attempted way. Just… real. ‘Pathetic’, by some standards, even, and everybody is, and has to be. It’s very much in our blood. And everywhere we look: it’s there.

Humility, and self-respect. Honouring others, as well as oneself, before God. It becomes a lifelong struggle: to maintain the balance. Trying not to slip into idiotic complacency; trying not to slip into putting anybody or anything on a pedestal.

Only God is Worthy of such Praise. And it is an honour to be an ennobled creature of His: it is an honour for you to be you; who you are.

You deserve the best in life: I promise you, you do. Don’t be fooled by cheap and unfavourable, though ‘shiny-seeming’. Take a nap, may-haps. Rest your burdened mind. Your world will be here, for you, and waiting. You will be endeared to beautiful truth; there is a sweetness to these middles, as I hope we will always come to find. A sweetness to these middles; a gorgeous universe, colouring, being filtered through, our very minds; where is your soul?

“You are you. And don’t you forget it”

With Salaam, Sadia, 2021.

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