A Muslim is…

In Islam, ‘Jihād’ is very much a thing. But we don’t abide by externally-imposed definitions of this notion that are outside of the truths of our Deen. ‘Jihād’ refers to struggle: internal, against the immoral callings of the Nafs/Shaytān, and external… If you are being attacked, you are allowed to retaliate. Combatants against combatants, without harming non-combatants, trees/crops, innocent people. And to slaughter one innocent human life is, in Islam, equal in weight to taking the lives of all of mankind.

There are more questions I have, regarding the rules of war, in Islam. There is a big book on the subject, which I have purchased, in order to learn more, Insha Allah. I might post notes on the topic as I do so: I hope they may be of some benefit to some who read.

[I sometimes wonder if I am ‘sharing too much’ of what I learn. But: the believers are in this together; we share goodness, by nature, right? I hope to continue to learn, Insha Allah, and to teach. A constant flowing process, this learning thing, Masha Allah. And I would greatly appreciate comments – or emails (hello@sincerelysadia.blog) if you have anything to add, or any ideas, on anything of what I post].

With Salaam, Sadia, 2021.

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