Great Changes

Bismillahir Rahmānir Raheem.

Great changes are afoot. We can… smell them, almost, from over here. The view of a train, speeding, in a particular direction. And then something happens, and its wheels: ‘painful’ though this ‘growth’ thing can be…

Great changes are afoot. Like the renewals, the turn-arounds, of one Khālid ibn Al-Walīd. Umar ibn Al-Khatab. Salmān Farsi. The great reverts of Islam, Masha Allah. The fact that each day – each hour, and even less – is a blessed opportunity for change and goodness. Cat Stevens. Muhammad Ali. Abu Sufyān. Ikrimah ibn Abi Jahl. Queen Bilqiis of Sheba.

And all the Muslims who have had their… Islamic glow-up, so to speak. Returning to Islam: to that original state. [I saw my former colleague Nazish’s baby yesterday. Masha Allah, Allahummabārik: the biggest, sweetest eyes; chubby cheeks, eyelashes, the pure Beauty of a baby’s nascent smile…]

Truth, Beauty, and Goodness: the three Universals. And Islam, concerning the entirety of our universe: universal.

And we can be afraid. And we can accept our autonomy, in all this. To force those wheels, going in that particular direction, to grind themselves to a halt. This will require a great deal of trust in our Lord. And begin again:

To paraphrase an aunt of mine’s current WhatsApp status, which quite inspired me:

Those of us who will allow our fear to stop us from climbing mountains: we might just remain there, forever in the depths.

And so the time for us might just be right now.

With Salaam, Sadia, 2021.

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