Random questions that I have come across / find myself thinking about, sometimes. What do you think? 

  • Do things only have value when they have opposites or oppositional alternatives? (e.g. is Heaven only meaningful because there is Hell? Is a virtuous act only virtuous because there is also the option for vice?)
  • Can knowledge only really be gained through experience? [Empathy and thought experiments are very interesting things to consider, here]
  • When a person is ‘ambitious’… is this term simply interchangeable with, ‘eager for praise’?
  • If ‘Time’ began somewhere, did it begin at a certain point…in time?
  • What is the purpose of the existence of rats? Do things have multiple purposes, and then an ultimate one [i.e. to worship Allah; simply because Allah commanded them to be?]
  • What breeds attraction more – a sense of fascination or that of familiarity? 
  • What makes things ‘meaningful’? And what sort of thing can get in the way of things being so?
  • What do things look like, without eyes (ocular/mental filters) to see them?
  • Can all (or, most) discussions within the ‘social sciences’ be reduced to the core topics of gender/sex, power, and death?
  • Is lying (i.e. violating the truth) the ultimate immorality?
  • When one group of people within a nation commit atrocities against another group within the same nation, can we say that (since it seems like economic and social pressures pretty much always seem to coincide with such tensions) the first group feel ‘undermined in their masculinity’ and then in turn (urged on by nationalist leaders) seek to bolster this, by “engaging in acts of militarised sexual violence”? [Cynthia Enloe’s theory]
  • Are all humans, by nature, ‘addicts’? Do each and every one of us rely on at least one addiction (whether to our phones, or to love, or to music, etc.) to get through this life?
  • Pity, empathy, endearment, affection, admiration, and envy… How, and to what extent are these connected?
  • ‘Love’ for something/someone, versus an addiction towards it/them. What might the difference be?