A Royal Market

Vendors selling their wares at Queen's Market, London.
Vendors selling their wares at Queen’s Market, London.

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Upon leaving Upton Park Station, the faint image of a distant, yet strikingly vibrant, fruit stall comes into view.
QUEEN’S Market in Newham, London is a street market adjacent to Green Street. The market holds a rich cultural history, but is perhaps better known for being the former work place of the ‘One Pound Fish’ man, whose musical earworm took the world by storm back in 2012.

The market is bustling to the brim with various stalls and their vendors (predominantly of Pakistani origin) promoting their wares by chanting their offers, behind arbitrarily positioned stalls beneath a sheltering structure. Random liquids ooze from numerous drains, and after every four steps or so, you will encounter a litter specimen of some sort. Despite some of these more rugged aspects of the market’s character, the content of the market is good – a range of products, from fish to Asian clothes, are sold here, for appealing prices. The general atmosphere is very diverse, encompassing a wide range of cultures and people. In one corner, a vendor sells exquisitely patterned African material, whilst elsewhere, an Indian vendor sells clips, hair-bands, ribbons and henna tubes. I personally would recommend Queen’s Market for a brief walk and a spot of cultural exploration (especially with regard to cuisine), and perhaps for the purchase of a few knick knacks and groceries.

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A Poem of Produce

This poem was not written from primary experience, but rather, from a tertiary glimpse of the silent yet hugely prevalent social injustice that is domestic abuse. 

Strawberry lips,

Olive skin,

That banana smile.

You were as beautifully beckoning as a mango,

You made my life worthwhile.

You were as cool as a cucumber,

A hot potato, if I may be so bold,

A mellow chilli pepper,

With a flavoursome kick that would never go old,

Or so, I was told.

You were exotic, rare, unknown to others,

And I was a papayaneer,

And oh, how rapidly my heart would beet when you were near,

First with love, and then with fear.

You were the apple of my eye,

My piquant pumpkin pie,

And my dear, I swear I did try,

To preserve you, but I could not,

It was without warning that you began to rot,

My huckleberry.

Your words became citric, sour

and acidic, like lemons. 

Your breath became garlic, 

Repugnant and vile,

And all the while,

I tried to rid myself of your odious stench.

You brussels sprout, you.

You were an onion, sliced open,

You filled my heart with tears and

Absent misery and

Sheer desperation.

You frequently reminded me of my many imperfections,

But as I gazed in the mirror, at my reflection,

I saw only bruises.

Fun mushroomed into lust, then love, then boredom, then dust,

You took advantage of my mistaken trust,

And my cries for help were swiftly hushed

Beneath the silent cacophony of your lies.

I know that we were once a pear of peas in a pod,

Though now that seems odd.

Despite our past, I can now conclude,

(Do pardon me for being so shrewd:)

My life was grape,

Until you ruined it.

Avacadon’t you dare come running back to me if all else fails,

I hereby promise that I will not give a fig.

All this time, I should’ve used my melon.

Orange you glad I didn’t?

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away,

But yours was one of poison.

Domestic abuse affects 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men here in the UK, both physically and emotionally. If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, you must amass the courage to speak up, for your silence is an abuser’s greatest weapon. For expert advice on domestic abuse, contact:

Nour Domestic Violence – http://nour-dv.org.uk/contact/

In serious cases, call the police or social services immediately.

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© Sadia Ahmed 2015