A true warrior does not just sit and cry in the face of adversity, nor does she do everything in her power to hold back her tears. A true warrior sheds a few tears- tears of strength, not of helplessness or self-pity- then gets straight back up to continue fighting. A true warrior’s pain and hardships are nothing but her motivation.


The woman crouched down on the floor, her bespectacled eyes affixed on the myriad of books that lined the towering shelf that stood before her. She was tall, thin and ‘atypically’ beautiful; she wore no makeup, but her skin glowed like the light of the harvest moon. Her eyes were large and brown, and she wore a resolute facial expression of intellect and mystery combined. After a minute or two of browsing, she extracted a book from the shelf. Stroking her silver pendant, which sat atop her plain black shirt, she marched over to the librarian’s desk, leaving behind herself something like a trail of fire.